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Hanging bridges provide ways to access treetops or as walkways across rivers and streams. We build bridges in the most practical situations be it catenary bridges or parabolic. Engineers certify all our land-based bridges.

We can custom build hanging bridges on any location up high in the trees or on the ground. Either catenary or parabolic bridges can add to your project for access or to change the pace of a Canopy Tour.

Aerial Bridges – Bridges provide the easiest access to the treetops.  They will complement any canopy tour to create diversity and will enhance the experience. We maintain a pristine look to all our bridges in order to reduce weight on the trees and provide a natural feel with the environment.

Access Bridges – Access bridges require engineering plans and  are designed with solid structures on both ends in order to comply with the needs for higher volume pedestrian crossing.  Bridges are custom designed according to the client’s needs, potential loads and terrain conditions.  Normally a geotechnical study is needed to determine ground stability and conditions.

Towers – Towers are designed and custom built according to your needs.  A tower can be a multiuse structure where you can include Zip line take off and landings, Quick Jumps, Tarzan Swings and climbing activates and elements at different levels.

Landing Platforms– Landing structures are the last structures to be built according to installed cable heights and landing space needed.  On trees they are normally square 3 m x 3m.  On long zip lines with ground access the size is determined according to expected arrival speeds, harness types and topography.