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Training and Development

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trainingTour guides and staff development are paramount to the successful operation of any adventure park. Zip line tours require a high level of professionalism and an eye for detail.

We offer training for zip line/canopy tour guides, operations staff, and course managers. In addition to intensive technical training in operations, rescue and safety procedures, the importance of communication between guides, and clipping and unclipping procedures, instruction is also offered in complete course management.

Training consists of both theoretical and technical components from how the course is built and why it is built that way, the equipment being used and why we use it, how to maintain the equipment, how to monitor cable systems and other structures and people flow management.

Inspections are done yearly as a minimum.  On courses with a yearly visitation of 20,000 or more biannual inspections are recommended. The course is inspected for integrity in all materials, trees, surrounding forest, operational procedures and an all-equipment check.