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Zip line/Canopy Tours

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Our most prominent line of business is in the construction of canopy tours (forest based platforms and zip lines) and long zip lines between mountains. All projects are custom built according to the client’s needs and provide the best quality materials.

There are slight differences between a Zip line Tour and a Canopy Tour.

A Zip line Tour is made up of several Zip lines, which are installed close to the Ground or a tower and extend across canyons, ravines or valleys. Man-made structures or the bases of trees provide the support and anchor points. Zip line tours will normally have longer traverses due to the fact that structures that are built on the ground will handle higher cable tension.

A Canopy Tour is made up of Zip lines, Hanging Bridges, Rappel stations, and giant swings installed on or near the Canopy of the trees. The height on the trees allows for clearance from the ground as well as an opportunity to be up and close to the rich vegetation from the suspended platforms at each tree.

Many Zip line/Canopy Tours are a combination of these two conforming to the flow of the tour and the topography of the area.